Episode 03: Sobriety 101 (part 2)

In Episode 3, we dig a little deeper into our sober toolboxes.

Kate and Jes expand upon a number of resources and strategies they used in early sobriety. Here’s their list of recommendations.

  1. Be responsible for your own exit.

  2. Bring your own beverages

  3. Sober Blogs

  4. Talkspace Therapy

  5. Journaling

  6. Therapy (in-person)

  7. Anxiety/Depression Medication

  8. Books

  9. Podcasts

  10. Sober Events

  11. Call out sick or take a mental health day

  12. AA/Recovery Program

  13. GTFO of ANY situation you don’t feel comfortable in.

  14. Get a hobby

Enjoy ❤️